Biztech launches re-branding as ‘The Hamilton Mill’

Biztech, the 11-year-old business incubator based in the Mueller Building (the Historic Municipal Building) today announced its new name and rebranding initiative aimed at attracting early-stage entrepreneurs and companies.  Moving forward, Biztech will be known as The Hamilton Mill with the goal to serve as a resource for the entrepreneurial community, particularly in the areas of advanced manufacturing, clean technology (renewable energy, natural gas, water), and digital technology.  This focus leverages the local efforts by the City of Hamilton, in addition to other initiatives throughout Southwestern Ohio that are innovating in the renewable energy space.

Rahul Bawa, The Hamilton Mill’s Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer of the Blue Chip Venture Company said “Today marks the culmination of many months of effort to redirect and refine the mission, scope and utility of The Hamilton Mill.  As the only incubator in Butler County, it is incumbent on The Hamilton Mill to find new ways of attracting and growing the businesses of the future.  The Hamilton Mill is uniquely positioned to bring together entrepreneurs who can build the clean, digital and advanced technologies that will impact all of our lives for the better.”

“The Hamilton Mill demonstrates how public and private partnerships can work and be successful,” said Pat Moeller, Hamilton’s Mayor.  “The City of Hamilton provides a great ecosystem for businesses to develop and grow their businesses.  In addition, “The Mill” provides resources for startups in renewable energy and other high-tech areas to help them succeed.  Hamilton’s proud history of manufacturing coupled with the city-owned utilities gives young businesses a head start.”

Resources at “The Mill” include advisory services, funding connections, customer access, workforce resources, and collaborative partnerships.  Additionally, The Hamilton Mill’s Board of Directors has been restructured to provide mentorship for their star-tup clients.  The Board of Directors include members from The City of Hamilton, Butler County, Butler Technology and Career Development Schools, Environmental Analysis and Solutions LLC, Liferay, Miami University, and The Ohio House of Representatives.

“This is a tremendous step in completing the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem. Regardless of where a startup is located in our metroplex, they can get help, and that is the ultimate goal”, said Chris Lawson, Executive Director, “we have taken huge strides over the past 9-12 months to make Hamilton part of the conversation and we are now officially on that map.”

For more information about The Hamilton Mill, please visit

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