HGTV in Hamilton to film World’s Longest Yard Sale this weekend

The World's Longest Yard Sale along U.S. 127 in Seven Mile in August 2012. STAFF FILE PHOTO
The World’s Longest Yard Sale along U.S. 127 in Seven Mile in August 2012. STAFF FILE PHOTO

The annual World’s Longest Yard Sale begins Thursday and will occur through the weekend.

Sales may be found along U.S. 127, which goes locally through Hamilton, New Miami, Seven Mile, Fairfield and other nearby towns. It begins in Gadsden, Alabama, and stretches 690 miles to Addison, Michigan.

The staff of HEY! Hamilton has gone to sales during the event in years past. Some of the more dense areas include Camden, where there will be several vendors in a park along the highway, and places such as Pleasant Treasures on Pleasant Avenue in Lindenwald. According to Pleasant Treasures’ facebook page, the HGTV show “The Endless Yard Sale” will be filming there on Friday.

Seven Mile usually has a few spots along the highway where vendors set up together to sell items.

Other shoppers have said Covington, Ky. is full of vendors. Where have you seen good buys in years past? Will you shop the yard sales this weekend?

3 thoughts on “HGTV in Hamilton to film World’s Longest Yard Sale this weekend”

  1. I always start by going SOUTH, with my first stop at Mainstrasse Village in Covington

    Kentucky (35 miles from Hamilton). They have a lot of vendors, and you can spend over an hour there. Next,

    I have learned there are not many sales (and lots of traffic) on 127 South after Covington, so I get on I-71

    South, and drive 11.8 miles to exit 180 Florence Union Exit (right by the Florence Y’All water tower). Take the

    exit right going south. I reset my speedometer at this exit to 0. Begin driving south down 127, and pretty

    soon the yard sales explode! My favorite stops are at mile 5.3 (School and parking lot), mile 9.7 (Farm with

    BIG field on right), mile 23.1 (I-71 interchange at gas station), mile 29.9 (huge field on right), mile 34.9 (black

    barn stop, but the barn fell down), and 58.8 (HUGE church sale). All along the way there are many stops and

    sights to see. Every small town is FULL of vendors, and I would suggest to NOT STOP at every sale. The big

    fields full of vendors and the large side of the road stops will take up a lot of your time, so stop at those,

    rather than at every house along the way (this will save energy on you AND your car). Most houses have

    clothes and baby items. There are a few things you should always remember to bring: comfortable shoes

    and extra clothes, snacks, water, umbrella, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, and a camera! Most stops sell food

    and drinks for $1, but I take a gallon jug of water and keep it in the car. I always take plenty of single $1 bills,

    because if you see an item for $5, and then you ask if they will take $3 and they accept, it is rude to give

    them a five dollar bill and wait for change. I also take a roll of quarters, because a lot of items are only $ .25!

    I also keep boxes in my car to put all of my finds in, so they won’t roll around or break, and some items can

    be dirty. Remember to take some good pictures, enjoy the scenery along the way, and of course have a fun


  2. I will be setting up in the Pleasant Treasures flea market Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I will have clothes and shoes, craft and scrapbook supplies, household items, books, porcelain dolls, brand new bath sets, video games, CDs, DVDs, and a little something for everyone! The market is located at 4020 Pleasant Ave. (ST. RT. 127) in Hamilton, Ohio. Come make this one of your stops!

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