Hamilton artist opens show in Michigan

Roscoe Wilson, Professor of Art at Miami University Hamilton, has a solo exhibition, “It’s Getting Hot Out Here”, at Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan.
2015 0311 wilson_r_04
“Innocent Oil” a plaster casts and paint from the installation view, 2013. The piece contains 196 plaster oil barrels representing the 19.6 million barrels of oil consumed each day in the United States (2010).

The exhibit consists of sculptural installations, drawings and prints involving the concept of over consumption of fossil fuels, namely coal and oil.

Wilson said his work “involves the dilemma of consumerism and waste in contemporary society.”  The exhibit will run through April 10 with a reception for the artist on March 26.
Here’s Wilson’s artist statement for the exhibition:
My installation work involves the dilemma of consumerism and waste in contemporary society.  Consumerism is a natural attribute of the human condition. We consume to live but we do not need to live to consume. We can be more conscientious about what, why, and how much we consume and waste. We buy and sell, save, collect, and ultimately discard practically everything that is in our temporary possession. The problem originates when we buy habitually and compounds when we waste apathetically.  We live in a throw away society that values the quick and easy over the re-useable.  We desire the next great invention propagating planned obsolescence instead of sustainable products. These are serious issues that are only becoming more important as the world becomes more connected and our population soars. As an artist, it is my responsibility to bring this paradoxical dilemma of consuming and wasting to the public eye through art.  For the past decade I have been collecting and organizing various post-consumer materials to use in my installation work. I strive to live and work with a sense of personal responsibility with regards to consumption, but again, it is a paradox since I must still consume to live.

This exhibition titled, “It’s Getting Hot Out Here,” consists of several sculptural installations and several drawings and prints that involve the concept of overconsumption of fossil fuels, namely coal and oil.  The addictive use of these fuels is a significant cause of climate change.  The abuse of these technologically outdated fuels, the structure of our current society and political system, and the unwillingness to change are all factors that can and will be devastating to our environment and our lives.  Change needs to happen now, not for our grandchildren, but for us, in the present. It’s already hot out here.

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