Economic Report: Hamilton is Booming!


The city’s 2014 Economic Development Annual Report details eight projects that resulted in 335 new jobs and $83 million in capital investment

2015 0630 economic graphic01There was significant growth in the health care, advanced manufacturing, and logistics industries. The city’s newly revamped business incubator The Hamilton Mill experienced a significant amount of activity and a number of downtown projects were announced or completed. The report also summarizes the significant infrastructure projects underway in Hamilton that will have important economic development consequences.

2015 0630 economic graphic02“This year was rewarding from a number of perspectives, but most importantly it represented a year that Hamilton’s businesses expanded their operations in the city when presented with opportunities elsewhere,” writes Economic Development Director Jody Gundarson in the report. “Our medical system grew based upon the confidence and commitment they have in Hamilton and the region. The City was able to attract transportation funding for a project that had been on the drawing table for over a century based in large part on the confidence the State of Ohio has in the growth of our local economy.

“Due to the growth in employment opportunities, Hamilton companies have strengthened their collaborations with our Universities, Colleges, and Tech schools. The City witnessed the continued investment in our downtown business district as well as other commercial nodes throughout the City. All of this is occurring in our community as we collectively strive for excellence in each endeavor we undertake.

“I saw a poster once that sums up this attitude with greater meaning than I can express: Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more than others think is possible.

“The City of Hamilton economic rebound can no longer be said to be experiencing traction, but instead it should be characterized as momentum.”


CLICK HERE to view or download the report…

Photo: Jacob Stone

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