Another new business emerges from The Hamilton Mill

The Hamilton Mill has announced its newest startup: RelaxaLights.

RelaxaLights is founded by engineer Derrick Webb. Derrick’s engineering prowess is put on full display with his patent pending design and creation of smart, sensory-immersive furniture.

RelaxaLights’ first product is an intuitive couch that allows kids to be comfortable, yet engaged in hours of entertainment. The couch provides an innovative platform for child learning, entertainment, and relaxation that is both highly customizable and upgradeable.  Additionally, the furniture is built with USB ports, Bluetooth speakers, and remote controlled adjustable LED lighting that allows for interaction without cords.

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Inspired by his daughter, Mr. Webb says, “Being a single father of one very special little girl, I am always looking to bring enjoyment to her life in as many different, and unique ways as possible. The engineer in me fused technology, functionality, and excitement into her favorite sofa.”

Additional business inspiration came to Derrick when friends and family inquired where they could purchase one of the couches. Derrick knew then that countless parents would want to provide something just as meaningful to their children.

RelaxaLights is utilizing The Hamilton Mill’s award winning “City as a Lab” program and is currently conducting customer validation tests at various childcare facilities throughout the region.

The sofa is in a development phase, but Derrick has already been approached by potential buyers and investors.

Additionally, RelaxaLights is entered in the 2015 Cincinnati Innovates Competition which showcases technological, artistic, and ingenious innovations throughout Greater Cincinnati.

Chris Lawson, Executive Director of The Hamilton Mill says, “Derrick encompasses the drive, passion, and maker-ethos that we look for in an entrepreneur. On the anniversary of our relaunch, The Mill is honored to assist him in building his company and exploring market strategies for his product. As we enter the age of the connected home curated by smart appliances, Derrick has taken the next logical next step – connected furniture.”

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Hamilton Mill

CLICK HERE to see RelaxaLights’ Facebook page


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