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You can help support community journalism by sponsoring a story.

A $300 donation to HEY! Hamilton! will provide a writer and a photographer to create ORIGINAL EXCLUSIVE content on this website’s blog.

Your story will be given one of the six FEATURED POSITIONS on our home page for a guaranteed seven days:

2015 0318 screenshot

Your featured story will include either:

  • A large type paragraph announcing your sponsorship with a link to a website, as in:

This exclusive HEY! Hamilton! content has been brought to you by The Hamilton Widget Partners. 


  • A banner across the bottom of the page with your provided content or logo and a link to your website or website of your choosing.

The ad would be this size,  474 by 100 pixels, in our current design:

2015 0318 100pix banner ad
Sponsor of this HEY! Hamilton! exclusive content.


CLICK HERE paypalsmallbuttonto sponsor a story via PayPal…

A $3,500 donation will sponsor one story a month for the next 12 months, and we will put your name in the Editorial Board section in the left sidebar on every HEY! Hamilton! page.

CLICK HERE paypalsmallbuttonto join the EDITORIAL BOARD

Or email to explore other payment alternatives.

CLICK HERE if you would like to PITCH A STORY to the editors of HEY! Hamilton!


HEY! Hamilton! welcomes polite discourse, but all comments are moderated and will not appear with the post until they have been approved by the editor, which could be soon, could be tomorrow. Could be never if you're being a troll. Thank you.

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