Sponsorship Opportunity: This Week in Hamilton History


A city can accumulate a lot of stories over the years. Some of them fall out of memory, and sometimes we just like to be reminded of how things used to be. The people of Hamilton love their history and HEY! Hamilton! would like to offer regular reminiscence of our city’s colorful past, from the founding of the Fort through the Little Chicago Era and on up to the turn of the Millennium.

The This Week In Hamilton History will be a feature length story honoring the anniversary of some event in Hamilton’s past, stories pulled from the pages of the Hamilton Examiner, The Telegraph, The Evening Sun, The Daily News, The Evening Journal and other original sources …

This Week In Hamilton History will include capsule summaries of events 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago, with a lead focus on some major local event that will have an anniversary in the coming week.

By sponsoring a This Week In Hamilton History, you can help keep local history alive by revisiting the character and characters of Hamilton’s past through the research and writing of Richard O Jones, a long-time Hamilton journalist and 2011 Associated Press Feature Writer of the Year.

Sponsorship includes “Sponsored by: YOUR BUSINESS” notation at the top of the post (see above), a banner at the bottom (see Film Hamilton ad below), and a banner in Community Partners” sidebar for the duration of the contract and recognition in the feature’s “Exclusive Content” index.

Sunday Profile Sponsorship fee:

  • $300/week
  • $3,700/quarter (5% discount)
  • $14,000/year (10% discount)

Sponsors are encouraged to make story recommendations.

Who would you like to get to know better?

For more information, complete the form below…

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