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Miami Regionals adds new Bachelor of Science in Commerce Degree

Recognizing that the vast majority of businesses are small businesses, Miami University’s Regional Campuses have introduced a new Bachelor of Science in Commerce, with a major in small business management.

Approved by the Ohio Board of Regents earlier this month, the degree is the culmination of study of the business needs of the region, according to Dr. G. Michael Pratt, associate provost and dean of the College of Professional Studies and Applied Sciences which is based on the regional campuses.

“Our research showed that, nationally, 99.7% of businesses are classified as small businesses. Better equipping small business managers and owners, and preparing future business owners in our region, was an area of need that we could help meet.”

According to the US Census Bureau 2012 Economic Census, there are over 335,000 firms in Ohio employing fewer than 100 persons, with more than 2.1 million persons employed by those firms, and an annual payroll in excess of $74.7 million.

Offered through the Department of Business Technology, the new degree features Miami’s renowned liberal arts foundation (the Global Miami Plan) backed by hands-on applied education.

The degree is designed for persons managing a small business, looking to build one of their own, or wanting a foundation in commerce. It is designed for students straight out of high school, adult learners or transfer students, associate degree holders in business or other majors, and military veterans.

Students will pursue in-depth study of small businesses based on a foundation of courses in traditional business areas such as accounting, management, marketing, and computer based business analysis.

Building on those business foundations, advanced courses focus on small business applications in management and operations, marketing, sales and promotions, plus current issues and innovation in small business.

As regional campus students, those pursuing the degree will benefit from one of the lowest regional tuition rates in Ohio, in addition to the convenience, comfort and accessibility of campuses in Hamilton, Middletown, and West Chester. The program will offer flexible class scheduling, online course options, and extensive student support.

The degree is part of Miami’s College of Professional Studies and Applied Science, and available entirely and exclusively at Miami’s regional campuses.

“Your diploma says Miami,” said Ted Light, chair of the Department of Business Technology, about the new program.  “This degree – especially for those in small business – says you made a wise choice”

For more information visit www.regionals.miamioh.edu/bsc or call the Admission Office at the Hamilton Campus (785-3111) or the Middletown Campus (727-3216).

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Kenzie Bryant on Her Journey at Miami Hamilton

Miami University Regional Campus News

Having graduated from a parochial all-girls school, the culture shock that hit Kenzie Bryant in college inspired a new way of looking at the world.

Kenzie grew up in Fairfield but went to McAuley High School, commuting the 30 minute drive each day. Although it was a mostly homogenous population, she valued that education, to be sure. “I even went to Catholic elementary school, so I was wearing the plaid skirt from kindergarten all the way through high school,” she said, but the world looked a lot different at Miami University Hamilton.

She is a second-generation MUH student. Her mother graduated here in 2006 as a non-traditional student and knew the value of the regional campus education. “When I got here, I saw blue hair and facial piercings and everybody was so different from an all-girls, predominantly white high school. I was actually the only white person in some of my classes.”

She started as a fine arts major, acting on a passion for painting and drawing she developed in high school.

“I was really introverted in high school,” she said, “but when I got here I started getting involved with student organizations and orientation stuff, and I realized I liked leading people, and I didn’t know I would be into that until I got to college. In high school, she had been the president of the art club, but that “was just kids doing art,” Kenzie said. “I didn’t lead anything. It was more just like hanging out and watching artsy films.”

At the Hamilton Campus, she joined three different student organizations and took four student jobs. “My first job was with the office of student activities,” she said. “That opened so many doors for me.” Being exposed to a variety of offices and activities, she found out who needed help, and since they were all willing to work around her class schedule, she took on all that she could. “Nobody from McAuley goes to Miami Hamilton, so I had to make brand new friends,” she said. “Joining student organizations and having student jobs and engaging in class really helped me do that. Now I know just about everybody.”

She also began to reconsider her major and her career options. “I love the arts but I wasn’t sure what to do with my career,” she said. “I just knew I liked to draw and I thought a job would find me.”

By working through the student activities office, my boss told me that I could actually work in student affairs the rest of my life and be working with college students to engage them and get them involved. “I was like, ‘Sign me up. That sounds amazing.’”

She switched to the BIS program to get a more well-rounded degree, but also focus on organizational leadership as a concentration, with addition emphasis on family, gender and society, and eventually hopes to get a masters in student affairs. “That way, I could work with diverse students and know something about their backgrounds,” she said. “I see that even with the amount of diversity here, we can come together, see each other’s differences and appreciate them,” Kenzie said. “We have pride in our campus and we can come together in class and engage and learn together.”



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Five Miami Regional Students Receive President’s Distinguished Service Award‏

Five Miami Regional students were the recipients of the Miami University President’s Distinguished Service Award, presented in Oxford on April 19. Kofi Ansah, Alex McSwain, and Nicole Reckner from Miami Hamilton, and Sabrina Cox and Molly Little from Miami Middletown, all received the prestigious award, given to those students whose service to the university has been extraordinary. Only 15 seniors from all of Miami’s campuses received this award.

  Kofi Ansah, a zoology major from Fairfield, received his Bachelor of Science in December of 2014. His service includes serving as Co-Director of Project Civility, as a senator in the Student Government Association (SGA), and Supports to Encourage Low-Income Families (SELF). Ansah has also received the Second Year Achievement Award on the Oxford campus, and the Achievement and Influence Award on the Hamilton Campus.

  Sabrina Cox, an integrative studies major from Monroe, is heavily involved with campus life. Her service includes being a founder of Students Advocating for Animal Rights Intelligently (SAFARI), a member of Campus Activities Board (CAB), the former Treasurer and Vice President of Miami Middletown Student Government (MMSG), and as the Middletown student representative for both the Task Force and Process Committee on Differentiation of the regional campuses. Her campus employment includes the Office of Student Activities, where she has helped coordinate Project Prom, and the campus’ Veterans Day Ceremony. She has been an Orientation Leader and a Coordinator for Student Orientation Advising and Registration (S.O.A.R.), a Campus Ambassador for Admission, and an Undergraduate Associate for Dr. Brian Domino’s Medical Ethics course.  Cox received a Second Year Achievement Award from Oxford in 2011, the 2014 W. Lynn Darbyshire Award, the highest student award given at Middletown, and the Women’s Leadership Award in Oxford. She is only the second undergraduate from the Regionals to receive this award.

  Molly Little, a sociology major in the honor’s program from Hamilton, has been involved in many facets of campus life. Her service includes being the President of Miami Colors, A Gay Straight Alliance; former Miami Middletown Student Government (MMSG) President; former Miami Middletown student representative for University Senate; Students Engaging in Real Volunteer Efforts (SERVE), and the Diversity Committee. Little’s campus employment includes: a Student Coordinator of Student Orientation Advising & Registration (SOAR), Writing Tutor in The Learning Center, Coordinator of America Reads & Counts for the Office of Community Engagement and Service and Student Aide for the Sociology Department in Oxford. She received the 2013 W. Lynn Darbyshire Award, the Service & Leadership Award in 2012 and 2013, a Second Year Achievement Award from Oxford in 2012, and the MUM Achievement and Influence Award in 2012.

  Alex McSwain, an integrative studies major from Fairfield. His involvement in campus life includes being an orientation coordinator and previously an orientation leader, Treasurer of the Campus Activities Committee, previous Vice President of the Campus Activities Committee, previous Treasurer of Prism, and a Senator for the Student Government Association. He has participated in the Miami Hamilton United Day of Service, Support to Encourage Low-Income Families (SELF), and Stay-Cation. McSwain earned the Outstanding Orientation Leader Award from Miami Hamilton in August of 2013, and the Eagle Scout award from the Boy Scouts of America in June of 2009.

  Nicole Reckner, a health promotion major from Cincinnati, is deeply involved with campus life. Her activities include being the founder of Peer Advocates for Total Health (P.A.T.H), an associate of the Student Government Association, Co-Director of Project Civility, a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), a Hamilton campus orientation leader, and a past member of the ‘I Am Miami’ Student-Committee. P.A.T.H has sponsored 27 programs on campus including, Tobacco Awareness and Education Event,  Eating Right on a College Student’s Budget,  Smoothie Day, Eat a Healthy Breakfast – Oatmeal Bar, and the annual Healthy Bake Sale.

Photo Caption: 

(From left) Alex McSwain, Nicole Reckner, Kofi Ansah, Sabrina Cox and Molly Little were awarded the President’s Distinguished Service Award by Miami University President David Hodge.

Lost Boy Survivor Bol Aweng Speaks at MUH April 20

Miami University’s regional campuses will host a discussion titled Finding Your Ground: Art and the Refugee Experience with Bol Aweng, a survivor of the Lost Boys from South Sudan, on April 20 at 1 p.m.in Room 316 of Miami Hamilton’s Mosler Hall.

He will then speak at 4 p.m. in Room 136/137 of Miami Middletown’s Johnston Hall.

In 1987 with other Lost Boys, Aweng survived a 1,500-mile journey on foot to Ethiopia and Kenya. While in a refugee camp he developed art skills by creating from memory and imagination, using what material was available in the camp. In 2001 he came to America as a refugee, and graduated from Ohio State University in 2009 with a degree in Fine Art.

On April 20, Miami Middletown will host a fundraiser supporting the Buckeye Clinic in South Sudan titled A Journey of Hope: The Art of Bol Aweng at 5:30 p.m. in Johnston Hall. The Buckeye Clinic focuses on prenatal care, safe childbirth, and vaccinations for potentially deadly diseases such as measles and polio. Examples of Aweng’s art are available online at bolaweng.com.


For more information, call Dr. John Schaefer at 513.727.3204 or email schaefjp@miamioh.edu. Miami University Hamilton is located at 1601 University Boulevard, and Miami Middletown 4200 N. University Boulevard.

Miami Hamilton Theatre Group Announces April Shows

Miami University Hamilton Theatre’s new plays program, Miami Writes, presents Miami Writes Shorts— six new plays by five new authors in Studio 307 (307 Phelps Hall).  Show dates and times are: April 9 – 11 at 7:30 p.m. and April 12 at 2:30 p.m.

Featured plays will include Buster and Me by Sheri Allen, Testing Testing; 1, 2, 3 by Roger Collins, Baby Doe by Judith Earley, Dog Tracks by Judith Earley, Bert and Andy in the Weeds by Bekka Eaton Reardon and The Audition by Bridget Ossmann.

Tickets for this show are $10 for adults and $5 for senior citizens, students and children under 12. They are available at brownpapertickets.com bysearching for Miami Writes Shorts or at the door.

For more information on performances, contact Bekka Eaton Reardon at eatonrl@muohio.edu. Miami Hamilton is located at 1601 University Blvd.

Justice Sharon L. Kennedy to Talk at Miami Hamilton

The Department of Justice and Community Studies, College of Professional Studies & Applied Sciences will host a lecture titled Pathways in Criminal Justice with Ohio Supreme Court Justice Sharon L. Kennedy on Tuesday, March 31 from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. in the Harry T. Wilks Conference Center.

Justice Kennedy began her career as an officer for the City of Hamilton Police Department. Following her time on the police force, she obtained her law degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. She then served as judge at the Butler County Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations Division, and as the administrative judge of the Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations Division.

On December 7, 2012, Justice Kennedy was sworn in as the 154th Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio and the ninth female justice to serve on the court.

She has received multiple awards, including the Nicholas Longworth, III Alumni Achievement Award from the University of Cincinnati College of Law in 2014. She was named one of thirteen professional women to watch by the Cincinnati Enquirer in 2013, and was named Judge of the Year in 2006.

This event is free and open to the public. For more information, call 513.785.7702 or email criminaljustice@MiamiOH.edu. Miami University Hamilton is located at 1601 University Blvd.